Image Classifier With Teachable Machines

Made for Google Code-In

Task Description

Using Glitch and the Teachable Machines, build a Book Detector with Tensorflow.js. When a book is recognized, the code would randomly suggest a book/tell a famous quote from a book. Here is an example Project to get you started:


1) Collecting Data

Teachable Machine allows you to create your dataset just by using your webcam! I created a database consisting of three classes ( Three Books ) and approximately grabbed 100 pictures for each book/class

2) Training

Training on teachable machines is as simple as clicking the train button. I did not even have to modify any configurations.

3) Finding Labels

Because I originally entered the entire name of the book and it's author's name as the label, the class name got truncated (Note to self, use shorter class names :p ). I then modified the code to print the modified label names in an alert box.

4) Adding a suggestions function

I first added a text field on the main page and then modified the JavaScript file to suggest a similar book whenever the model predicted with an accuracy >= 98%

5) Running!

Here it is running!

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