About Me


My name is Navan Chauhan. This is my small corner on the internet. Most of the bigger projects I am working on are either currently private or unlisted. Any of the cool research work I am doing also cannot be published anytime soon :(

I like solving problems, no matter what field they are in. I might be a programmer by trade, but I have done way too much work in the field of drug discovery lately. I did fall in love with Math during college, and I have a special liking for probability theory.

When not in front of a screen, I can be found injuring myself mountain biking (I hate road bikers /s), skiing, or homebrewing (WLP618 for all legal purposes).

Contact Me

The best way to reach out to me is by e-mail. subject[at]navan.email Or, if I have made peace with my ISP and corrected the rDNS settings, then: hey[at]navan.dev

My GPG Fingerprint:

1DA1 04AA DEB7 7473 A4FA C27B 4EFC A289 7342 A778