Navan Chauhan
1 minute readCreated on March 3, 2020Last modified on June 1, 2020

Tinkering with an Android TV

So I have an Android TV, this posts covers everything I have tried on it


  1. Getting TV's IP Address
  2. Enable Developer Settings
  3. Enable ADB
  4. Connect ADB
  5. Manipulating Packages


These steps should be similar for all Android-TVs

  • Go To Settings
  • Go to Network
  • Advanced Settings
  • Network Status
  • Note Down IP-Address

The other option is to go to your router's server page and get connected devices


  • Go To Settings
  • About
  • Continously click on the "Build" option until it says "You are a Developer"


  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Developer Options
  • Scroll untill you find ADB Debugging and enable that option


  • Open Terminal (Make sure you have ADB installed)
  • Enter the following command adb connect <IP_ADDRESS>
  • To test the connection run adb logcat

Manipulating Apps / Packages

Listing Packages

  • adb shell
  • pm list packages

Installing Packages

  • adb install -r package.apk

Uninstalling Packages

  • adb uninstall
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